Eat and Drink - Best Restaurants in Newport

Boasting an array of outstanding and indeed award winning restaurants, cafes and bars, eating out in Newport is a culinary delight offering a wide and diverse mix of places to eat and drink which will appeal to all tastes and budgets.

The dining options in Newport are fairly endless and, once you look past the clichéd restaurants selling haggis to the tourist market, it's got a real mix of cuisines. The city boasts restaurants, along with a handful of diners and bistros that don't fall far short of earning a similar merit. If you'd prefer a more casual eating experience or a simple drink with friends, then Newport is home to pubs that are centuries old and serve the best beer in a friendly setting. Throw in modern bars and a buzzing nightlife and you realise why Newport genuinely can cater for every taste.

Bistrot Pierre

Bistrot Pierre in Newport

We like to combine French bistrot classics such as steak-frites, boeuf bourguignon and crème brûlée with our own take on regional favourites like tarte flambée, confit de canard and pâté de campagne.

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Drago Lounge

Drago Lounge in Newport

We serve a great range of food and drinks (including full kids, gluten free and vegan menus) served in a welcoming, laid back environment.

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Gemelli Restaurant

Gemelli Restaurant in Newport

Our limitless desire for new has pushed us further, driven us into experiences beyond any imagination. We do what we know best, we cook, bringing art into it.

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Generous George Llanwern Bull

Generous George Llanwern Bull in Newport

We offer a generous selection of food, drinks and activities for the whole family to get involved in and our giant chair and regular events ensure our customers keep returning.

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Tiny Rebel Newport Centre

Tiny Rebel Newport Centre in Newport

Newport's finest bar, serving award winning craft beers and delicious rustic cuisine.

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Vittorios Restaurant

Vittorios Restaurant in Newport

Vittorio’s Restaurant is a beautifully traditional Italian restaurant that serves classic Italian dishes since opening in 1988 in a warm, welcoming atmosphere.

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