Monmouth water treatment business supports Build Back Better

Monmouth-based company Siltbuster has continued to go from strength to strength despite the economic pressures and operational challenges of Covid and Brexit over the last 18 months.

As a market leader of responsive wastewater treatment solutions, the business serves a range of sectors and this mix has led to the growth of opportunities and a positive outlook as the UK economy recovers with a focus on environmental leadership.

While the initial shock impacted the construction industry, the range of Siltbuster’s water treatment activities has ensured the company has not only been able to navigate these challenges, but also develop the business further with an established clear growth across all the markets they operate in, including overseas.

During the early stages of the national lockdown many construction sites faced a temporary shutdown.

However, as Siltbuster is an essential service provider to the water industry, several major projects continued, including works on a Welsh Water reservoir near Caernarfon.

It was also during this period that the food and beverage sector saw a significant demand and increase in production levels with a surge for additional wastewater treatment services.

Working closely with production facilities, such as Kraft Heinz, Siltbuster deployed numerous treatment systems across the UK to support the additional wastewater treatment needs, which is continuing at sustained levels.

The wider wastewater industry with a variety of water companies has also proven to demonstrate the Siltbuster model for responsive treatment solutions with rapid deployment – yet again supporting essential services throughout the pandemic. Siltbuster works, on a regular basis, with most water companies throughout the UK to ensure that the existing treatment works can be maintained without harm to the environment.

Furthermore, the UK construction industry continues to not only recover, but to go from strength to strength, particularly through the “Build Back Better” investment that the UK government has committed to, with the business well placed to grow its opportunities further as market leader for responsive environmental services in water treatment.

With environmental standards and protection remain at the forefront of UK investment, the business is well placed and prepared to support these and deliver appropriate water treatment solutions. Not only providing environmental solutions across multiple sectors, the 10 acre Siltbuster site is also home to plenty of wildlife with its own pond and over 10,000 trees, bushes and plants planted as part of the company’s environmental commitment.

Rich Matthews, Siltbuster MD, said: “I am proud of what the team has continued to deliver despite these challenging times. We have consistently shown be the market leader in responsive wastewater treatment solutions and achieved through the ensuring we have provided equipment whenever it is needed across the UK and overseas.”

As the company grows, currently with a workforce of more than 70, there continues to be opportunities across the various business parts, illustrated by continued recruitment, including apprentices.

South Wales Argus | Business