More restrictions ‘inevitable’ in Wales pubs and restaurants

MARK Drakeford has said that more restrictions are “inevitable” for pubs and restaurants, and the Welsh Government cannot guarantee help with paying wages.

And earlier today he said that this week the Welsh Government will be working on rules for the hospitality industry, for when it reopens after Christmas.

“It’s inevitable that when hospitality re-opens, we will need to build extra defences,” he told BBC Politics Wales.

While further post-Christmas rules have yet to be announced, the First Minister claimed they could be similar to measures taken earlier on in the Covid pandemic, such as:

  • Details collected for track and trace;
  • People ordering from their seats;
  • People wearing face coverings while moving around.

When asked about whether the rule of six would be reintroduced to hospitality businesses in Wales after Christmas, Mr Drakeford did not rule it out, but stated that ministers will “look at less intrusive measures first”.

He denied that Welsh Government is gambling with people’s livelihoods through the decision to shut nightclubs after Boxing Day.

He said Welsh Government will “look to see if there’s any help that we can give that sector to support people who would otherwise be laid-off” – but he could not promise full support.


Although £60m will be made available to businesses affected by Covid measures taken by Welsh Government, Mr Drakeford again called for the UK Treasury to show support, such as by re-introducing furlough and financial help for self-employed people.

Restrictions could also apply to large sports events, though these too remain under discussion.

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