Politics in Wales today: How the Welsh Government plans to tackle NHS winter pressures

The plans on how the NHS and social care providers will deal with winter pressures will be detailed on Tuesday, October 19.

Health minister Eluned Morgan will tell the Senedd about the “winter protection plan”.

There have been concerns and warnings about the impact covid will have on winter – a time NHS and social care services routinely come under pressure.

What is happening today?

  • There will be the weekly Welsh Government press conference
  • In the Senedd there will be plenary including FMQs
  • Economy minister Vaughan Gething will speak about “moving the Welsh economy forward”
  • Eluned Morgan will give a statement on the “health and social care winter protection plan”
  • Counsel General Mick Antoniw will speak on the Constitutional Commission
  • There is then a debate on “eradicating racism and building an anti-racist Wales”

There are meetings in the Senedd in Cardiff Bay between Monday and Thursday. On Tuesdays and Wednesdays there are meetings of the whole Senedd, known as plenary, which usually start at 1.30pm. Due to the pandemic a hybrid model is in place where up to 30 of the 60 MSs will meet in person but the rest via videolink.

Committees, where MSs take evidence about specific issues or grill ministers, take place every day.

Welsh MPs take part in proceedings in London during the week too. The House sits from Monday afternoon, usually until Thursday.

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