The details so far about the major police incident in Cardiff city centre

There is a major police presence in Cardiff tonight following an incident in the city centre.

A large number of police vehicles have been seen in the Welsh capital and streets are sealed off.

Multiple witnesses have been describing what’s happening, but so far there has been no word from South Wales Police on the nature of the incident.

This is what we know so far about the incident.

What time did it start?

One witness claimed there was an incident near Central Bar in Windsor Place at around 9.45pm.

They said there were around 15-20 males fighting outside.

Queen Street has been cordoned off
(Image: Elizabeth Winter)

“One group then ran towards Sainsbury’s pursued by the other, one with a chair over their head. This was thrown and hit a parked car,” said the witness, who did not want to be named.

It’s not known if this was linked to what happened in nearby Queen Street.

There were ‘loud bangs’

A number of witnesses reported hearing loud bangs, like fireworks, although some people thought they also sounded like gun shots.

Ryan, a 20-year-old from Fairwater, was in Ernest Willows pub in city road when police arrived.

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He said: “We heard a bartender/server say they heard (something like) fireworks.”

Eyewitness Sophie Zermatten, 27, also said she heard a ‘loud bang’ which she also thought sounded like fireworks.

People were told to leave a pub

One of the areas in the city sealed off by police


Ryan added that he was told to leave the bar he was in.

“We all had to leave immediately…once I left the pub onto the road it was was blocked off at the end by Newport Road.

“Outside the pub was covered in police cars, vans, and officers standing on the road. I asked an officer what had happened – but was told that they could not tell me.”

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Courtney Cummings was in the same bar and said: “I was in the Ernest Willows Wetherspoon pub when blue lights went past. I thought it was a regular police car going by but I then saw about 6 police cars and vans parked outside.

“The bartender was telling everyone that they had to pack up and leave. I went outside with my boyfriend and saw all the police cars.”

Has anyone been hurt?

There are various rumours but no confirmed information.

Eyewitnesses reported seeing a man tasered by police at the “top end” of Queen Street – around the area where the Sainsbury’s store is.

Masters student Elizabeth Winter, 25, was having a walk in the city centre when she saw a large police presence at the top of City Road.

Police officers appearing to detain a man on Queen Street, Cardiff
Police officers appearing to detain a man on Queen Street, Cardiff
(Image: Elizabeth Winter)

She said: “There was a group of young men shouting at police. There were around four or five officers shouting back. I overheard someone saying that someone had been ‘cheffed’ – street slang for a stabbing.”

Ms Winter said the man thought to have possibly been tasered was white, in his 20s and of big build.

Courtney added: “I asked a police officer if the victim was okay as I got concerned and the officer said they were in stable condition but they couldn’t disclose any other information about what happened.”

What areas of the city are affected?

Police cordon off an area outside the Capitol Shopping Centre near Queen Street, Cardiff
Police cordon off an area outside the Capitol Shopping Centre near Queen Street, Cardiff
(Image: Sophie Zermatten)
Eyewitnesses reported said they saw police block off the street along Newport Road, near the city centre
(Image: Dixon Dominic Palett)


The top of Queen Street and an area near Windsor Place are understood to have been cordoned off.

A ‘large area’ near the Capitol Shopping Centre was also said to have been taped off by police.

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