This is when Mark Drakeford will lead the Welsh Government briefing today

Many people in Wales will be wondering what time the Welsh Government is speaking today and what Mark Drakeford’s announcement means for them.

The First Minister will hold a press conference later today in Cathays Park and will update the nation on the next steps in tackling the coronavirus crisis.

Prior to the announcement, the Welsh Government is meeting to make a decision on whether to bring in a two-or-three week “fire-break” lockdown and will share their decision during the press conference.

Here’s what time Mark Drakeford will make his announcement so you can stay updated with the latest changes.

What time is the Welsh Government update today?

Mark Drakeford will speak at 12:15pm in a press conference on Monday, October 19.

On Sunday night the Welsh Government said: “Thanks to your efforts, the steps we’ve taken locally and nationally have helped to keep the spread of coronavirus under check.

“Despite this, the virus continues to spread, and we expect this to happen more quickly across the autumn and winter months ahead.

“Ministers held meetings over the weekend with scientists and public health experts to consider advice on a ‘fire break’ to control the virus.

“The Cabinet met this evening and will meet again in the morning to make a final decision.

“First Minister Mark Drakeford will provide an update tomorrow.”

You can watch the press conference live on the Welsh Government’s social media pages.

What is Mark Drakeford’s announcement about?

The press conference is not the usual three-week review the nation has become used to.

Instead, it comes following a sharp rise in coronavirus cases across Wales.

A leaked letter to transport operators in Wales has suggested the Welsh Government is considering a 17-day lockdown that would involve the closure of all non-essential retail and hospitality but that no decision has yet been taken on whether all schools would close.

This article details everything we know about the fire-break lockdown that the Welsh Government is considering.

The other option is tougher local lockdowns, Mark Drakeford said at a briefing on Friday.

Currently, there are 17 areas in local lockdown across Wales but the First Minster has said the Welsh Government could strengthen measures further.

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The Welsh Government press briefing lead by Mark Drakeford will air at 12:15pm today.

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