Uplands restaurant shuts saying area ‘has changed’ and plans move to new location

Popular kebab chain ‘German Doner Kebab’ (‘GDK’) has decided to close its restaurant in Swansea’s Uplands as it feels the area “has changed significantly” since first opening there six years ago. GDK Swansea became one of the company’s first UK stores, and its first in Wales, when it opened in Uplands Crescent in December, 2016, and served a wide range of kebabs, wraps and burgers.

The eatery was particularly popular with students living locally and also offered takeaway and delivery services. Earlier this month, locals noticed the eatery had appeared to have closed its doors for good and was categorised as “permanently closed” on Google Reviews.

German Doner Kebab has since confirmed it closed the Uplands venue on Wednesday, October 12, as “the footfall and customer landscape” in Uplands has changed so much, although it did not elaborate on exactly how. There is some good news, however, as the firm has also confirmed it is looking for a new venue “closer to the city centre” and is in the early stages of planning a new “flagship” GDK eatery for Swansea. Get Swansea stories straight to your inbox with our newsletter.

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Confirming the closure of the Uplands eatery, a spokesperson for German Doner Kebab said: “Our game-changing kebabs have been a huge hit in Swansea, we love the city and its people, and we thank all of our customers for their loyalty and support. Swansea was one of our earliest restaurants to open in the UK and the footfall and customer landscape in Uplands has changed significantly as we emerge from the pandemic.

“We remain 100 per cent committed to the city and will be back in 2023 with an exciting flagship venue which will feature our new look restaurant and allow us to serve and reach a wider range of customers across Swansea.”


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