Digital Treasure Hunt: Quest for £165m Crypto Fortune Enters Legal Battle

The pursuit of lost riches enters the courtroom as a crypto enthusiast battles for his digital fortune.

James HowellsIn an audacious attempt to recover an estimated £165 million worth of cryptocurrency mistakenly tossed into a landfill, James Howells, a man haunted by a decade-long digital conundrum, has initiated legal proceedings against Newport City Council. The IT systems engineer, who accidentally discarded a hard drive containing 8,000 bitcoins in 2013, has faced continuous refusals from the council to allow access to the landfill site for retrieval.

Frustrated by the impasse, Howells has enlisted a legal team to challenge the council’s stance. His ambitious plan involves using mechanical arms powered by artificial intelligence (AI) to sift through the landfill in search of the missing hard drive. Despite proposing security measures, such as robot dogs to deter theft, the council remains unwavering in its denial of access.

The saga began when Howells’ ex-partner, in a well-intentioned gesture, disposed of a bag containing the hardware from an old laptop holding the substantial cryptocurrency sum. Unsuccessful in convincing the council to aid in the search over the past decade, Howells is now pursuing legal avenues, expressing a willingness to cover any associated costs.

If successful in his retrieval mission, Howells envisions transforming Newport into the UK’s first “crypto hub.” He plans to distribute £50 in bitcoin to each of the city’s 160,000 residents. Furthermore, he aims to establish a blockchain education center in Newport’s city center, fostering a better understanding of cryptocurrency.

James Howells

Howells’ legal team sent a letter to the council on September 6, requesting access to the landfill site. The council has two weeks to respond before potential court escalation. Despite the potential negative environmental impact, the council remains resolute in its refusal, citing the impossibility of excavation under its environmental permit.

As the legal battle unfolds, Howells, determined to unlock his lost millions, now awaits a judge’s decision. The current value of the lost bitcoins hovers at £165 million, creating a compelling narrative that straddles the realms of technology, legality, and the pursuit of digital fortune.

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