Newport Aces Players Earn National League Selection



Azaria Abdie-Waite and Max Birchall, who initially embarked on their basketball journey with us at the age of 10, recently underwent trials for the Bristol Academy Flyers for the upcoming 2022-2023 season. Azaria showcased her skills in the U16 girls’ category, while Max tested his mettle in the U18 men’s division.

From an early age of eight, both Azaria and Max exhibited unwavering dedication and hard work. Recognizing the intensified competition in the English National League compared to Wales, they diligently engaged in additional 1-2-1 training with our coaches at local outdoor courts in and around Newport.

The trial experience proved to be a testament to their commitment, as Azaria and Max left a lasting impression on the Bristol Academy Flyer coaches. A mere week later, they received an email from the head coaching staff, extending heartfelt congratulations on their successful selection to the team. The elation of both players reflects not only their skill but also the fruits of their persistent efforts and determination.

Keep an eye on their social media and our website, to keep up to date on their journeys into national league competition.

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