Mobile Speed Cameras Across Newport for March 2024

Police speed camera wales

Ensuring Road Safety Across the Newport Region

Go Safe Wales

In an ongoing effort to enhance road safety and enforce speed limits, GoSafe, the Wales road casualty reduction partnership, has announced the locations of mobile speed cameras across Wales for the month of March 2024. These vigilant operations aim to curb speeding offenses and ensure compliance with road traffic regulations.

Marked vans and motorcycles equipped with advanced monitoring technology will be strategically placed throughout towns and cities in Wales. The dedicated staff, comprising fully-trained police officers, will monitor vehicle speeds and address any violations promptly.

GoSafe utilizes cutting-edge equipment, including speedscopes capable of tracking vehicles up to 1,000 meters away. While most operations are conducted at closer distances, the technology ensures accurate recording of essential details such as time, date, speed, distance, site coding, and the direction of travel.

For the convenience of our Newport residents, here are the specific locations in and around Newport:


  • A48/Castleton/Near motel
  • A48/Berryhill/Newport
  • A468/Caerphilly Road/Rhiwderin
  • A467/Southbound/50mph section
  • Bassaleg Road/Newport
  • B4591/Risca Road/Glasllwch Crescent
  • Allt-yr-yn Avenue, Newport
  • Pillmawr Road, Newport
  • B4237/Cardiff Rd/Waterloo Road to Clytha Square
  • Corporation Road/Lysaght Village
  • Corporation Road/Newport
  • Cromwell Road, Newport
  • B4237/Chepstow Road/near One Stop
  • B4237/Chepstow Road/The Coldra
  • High Street, Caerleon
  • B4596/Caerleon Road/East of Beaufort Road
  • Ponthir Road/Caerleon
  • B4245/Magor Road/Langstone
  • A4810 Queensway at Llanwern Plant Junction (40mph)
  • A4810 Queensway (50mph) dual carriageway

Residents are encouraged to stay informed about these locations and adhere to speed limits for the safety of themselves and fellow road users. Be cautious, stay within the speed limits, and contribute to making our roads safer for everyone.

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